Hannah recorded her cancer journey with her friend and photographer Justin Paget. They have won a major international award for their raw and emotional portrayal of her journey through treatment and eventual mastectomy.

Walking into the Misty abyss

Walking into the misty abyss of the unknown with her best friend. This picture was shot a week before she started chemotherapy.


Looking grey and very ill


Fed up with being pumped full of drugs


The stress and headache of the whole process


Beauty beyond scars. Showing the scars of the first lot of operations. This image was used on a PhD thesis on breast cancer.

image 3

Having chemotherapy administered

image 4

The loneliness of cancer treatment

image 5

Being told the cancer had come back

image 6

Immediately post mastectomy


Being comforted by Mum


Coming to terms with it


Beauty beyond the scars of losing a breast – true female power

Hannah Foxley Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Beauty and power for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

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